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It seems that youkai, like fairies, may not be able to die permanently; Hieda no Akyu, Reimu Hakurei and others regularly discuss extermination of youkai as if it were only a temporary measure. While this may be merely a quirk of language, it seems like Gensokyo's' humans would rather do away with many youkai completely, were they able.
Yokai ou youkai, esprits des mythes et légendes japonais.
Très présents dans les mythes japonais, les yokai regroupent tous les esprits. Si on évoque les yokai ou youkai comme une race à part entière, il sagit en réalité dun terme général au Japon. Comme les esprits ou créatures du petit peuple chez nous, les yokai regroupent différentes espèces.
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16 Yasaburo was originally a bandit whose vengeful spirit onryo turned into a poisonous snake upon death and plagued the water in a paddy, but eventually became deified as the wisdom" god of the well" 17 Kappa and inugami are sometimes treated as gods in one area and youkai in other areas.
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The title character is accompanied by a Gyuuki that takes the form of a tiny bull with stubby wings. The web story Broken Gate has Nezumi, a rat or mouse youkai, and her three siblings, Toramaru otherwise known as Toraa, tiger youkai, Miyako, a horse youkai, and Ryuuji, a dragon youkai.
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Some of the best known youkai include oni large, horned ogre-like demons who punish sinners in hell, tengu beaked or long-nosed bird-men, kappa turtle-like water-imps, and kitsune and tanuki foxes and raccoon-dogs real animals to whom supernatural powers were attributed.
Some of them have never appeared in English before, while others will be intimately familiar to fans of Japanese folklore. They have been collected from books, from the internet, and by word of mouth from yokai lovers who remember the tales from their childhoods.
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Many of them, such as magic, were originally the moon's' power" We" of the moon turned some on the Earth to monsters, to regulate their filthiness" Although monster" uses different Japanese characters than what's' used for youkai, Kaguya's' latter statement appears to be referring to youkai, as she then comments about how the humans sealed them away Gensokyo's' creation and/or the myriad of other ways that humanity sealed or lost the fear of the youkai and youkai have been reduced to useless" creatures that assault humans in predefined patterns" spell cards.

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