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Acheter une Apple Watch Series 3 Apple FR.
LApple Watch Series 3 GPS nécessite un iPhone 5s ou modèle ultérieur avec iOS 11 ou version ultérieure. LApple Watch Series 3 est étanche jusquà 50 mètres, conformément à la norme ISO 228102010. Elle peut être utilisée pour des activités en eaux peu profondes telles que la natation en piscine ou en eau libre.
BBC Culture Nine films to watch in December.
Make It Digital. Search the BBC Search the BBC. The Art of Directing. Nine films to watch in December. From the new Star Wars to the story of the worst movie ever made, make time for these new releases, writes Christian Blauvelt.
Watch in Spanish English to Spanish Translation SpanishDict.
soldiers kept watch over us, and they were rough at times a plea to the gods to keep watch over his loved one to be under watch they were always careful to keep their cars positioned a discreet distance from the windows of /the house under watch/ all air traffic in the southeast United States was kept under watch from this control centre.
watch Definition of watch in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
It was an old trick that he had learnt in the jungles of South America from sentries on the midday watch. During the first watch of the night he acquired the power to look back through his previous existences, recalling them in full detail.
watch English-French Dictionary WordReference.com.
In the English description.: babysit beware binge watch bird clock watch compulsive viewing dial digital watch dogwatch eagle eye escapement follow guard dog guard tower hairspring have your eye on horology hunting watch inattentive invigilate jewel keep an eye on keep guard look look on lookout mainspring mind minute hand nanny observation observe on the lookout open-faced patrol picket regard second hand set spectator sport spot spotter stand guard stem supervise supervision synchronize tachymeter timekeeper timekeeping.

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